23rd April 2021

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

‘I’m feeling overwhelmed’ – Is this you?

We can help you bounce back to taking control of your life rather than the other way

Would you love to feel like your to-do list is more manageable?

What if you could have time to spend doing enjoyable things with friends and family again?

You will learn about the meaning, signs and symptoms of feeling overwhelmed to tips, tricks
and strategies to enable you to take charge of your day.

Let’s get into it…

Overwhelmed meaning:

If you were to look in a dictionary, ‘overwhelm’ means:

‘bury or drown beneath a huge mass of something, especially water.’

It can definitely feel like you are drowning, right? Even treading water feels appealing right

We all feel overwhelmed from time to time. To a degree, it is part of a normal busy life. But
it’s when it becomes a more regular feature in your everyday life that you need to be aware of
then it’s time to do something about it.

What are the signs of being overwhelmed?

Some of these signs are more obvious than others. On their own, they may not be anything to
worry about, but as a group of 2-3 signs, you should look more deeply into it.

Thinking negatively. You may start to question your own judgement. You may
start telling yourself you ‘can’t handle simple things anymore’.

Trouble sleeping. You may not be able to fall asleep as easy because you are wired from being on the go non-stop, having racing thoughts about the next day and fears you ‘won’t be
able to fit everything in’

Feeling irritable and resentful. You feel like work is taking up all your time (even
spare time) when you should be spending time with the kids, your partner, parents etc.
But you worry if you don’t ‘get this thing done’, you will fall behind even more.

Increased headaches. This could be from tension or simply not prioritising drinking
enough water.

Your diet takes a hit. You start eating more takeaways or eat less.

Your weight is affected. You start putting on weight due to the increased unhealthy
food, or your weight plummets because you don’t have time to eat due to everything
that needs doing.

Your energy levels decrease. Due to getting less sleep and fewer nutrients from your
diet, your energy levels start falling. This means that you start drinking more black
coffee in the afternoon/evenings to ‘perk you up’ which contributes to you struggling
to fall asleep.

What does burnout look like?

If this feeling of being overwhelmed continues, you can end up at ‘burnout’.

This is your body’s way of shutting down and demanding rest, whether that be physically or

Mentally, it will feel like you just cannot take in any more information no matter how hard
you try. You are at capacity.

Physically, you can feel like you want to collapse.

Both are warning signs.

Have you experienced burnout recently?

What causes you to feel overwhelmed?

There are many reasons why you may become overwhelmed. These are just a few:

Overwhelmed due to work stress. You may have been awarded a promotion and
you feel like you have ‘taken on too much’ or ‘there are not enough hours in the day’
to complete everything.

Illness within the family. You may have to take care of a sick relative. They may
have a lot of doctor/hospital appointments and you may also be responsible for
ensuring they take their medication on time.

Social media/messages. Yes, we know endlessly scrolling isn’t good for us and
wastes a lot of time, but the psychological impact can be huge. We post something
and then get bombarded with notifications and comments. We feel like we can’t keep
up with our WhatsApp messages, especially if there is an event. ‘What have we
?’ You then feel like you have to scroll through endless conversations to make
sure you have everything covered.

You feel like you’re not good enough. This leads you to strive for perfectionism
(that doesn’t exist).

Everybody has access to you – All.The.Time. It’s great that you’re there for people,
but constantly being available leaves you feeling like you never have 5 minutes to

Do you recognise yourself in any of these?

How do I stop feeling overwhelmed?

1. The first thing to do is to stop, acknowledge that you are feeling overwhelmed and
that there are solutions.

2. Make and keep to priorities, even if only at the start. For instance, if your child has an
appointment that day then that is the ONLY thing you make sure you do with regards
to running errands. Other people can wait for now. If every day, all you do is take
care of your priorities, everything will still get done. Instead of a to-do list, make a
priority list. If there are only 1-2 things on it, that’s great! You will have more time on
your hands to start bringing fun things to your day.

3. Shut your phone off at a decent hour. Don’t reply to messages after 9 pm (or earlier).
This will send a signal to people that you are not available after a certain time which
will give you an evening to yourself uninterrupted.

4. If you are feeling overwhelmed at work, speak to your line manager or H.R.
department. They may be able to help in re-structuring your workload or reassure you
that everything is ok.

5. Make yourself a priority. Keep appointments with yourself. Allow yourself to have 10
minutes to meditate, or 45 minutes to go to the gym. Giving yourself this space and
time throughout the day will help you to re-set and reduce the feeling of being

6. Speak to somebody who is trained. Speaking to a therapist can be really effective in
reducing the feeling of being overwhelmed as they will be able to spot healthy/unhealthy patterns of behaviour and help you get onto a more productive path.
Who doesn’t want that?

Why wait until you are experiencing burnout?

Chat to us now and see how we will help you to start having more precious time in your day
for fun times with friends and family:

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