23rd April 2021

The Impact of stress on your company

Workplace Stress – and what you can do about it as a boss.

Do you want your employees to be less stressed and more productive in the workplace?

Is the amount of staff on sick leave causing extra stress for your remaining staff?

Do you want to hit your targets surrounded by a happier workforce all heading in the
same direction?

Then read on

You are a company set on delivering an excellent service, but it is fast-paced, stressful and
demanding, and due to staff absences, you feel like it is only a matter of time until others go
off with stress.

You are having to fork out for sick pay and pay temporary staff to cover, but they need
training, which takes up valuable time, and despite their best efforts, they cannot learn
everything that needs to be learned in the short amount of time available.

It feels like money - and time - is going down the drain, right?

What’s more, the staff left are going through the issues outlined below:

What are the signs of stress in the workplace?

Staff coming tired and irritable.

General low mood in the workplace.

Low productivity.

High absence/sickness rate.

Staff arriving late for work on a regular basis.

Staff appear to have lost interest in the overall goals of the

What can cause workplace stress?

Many things can cause stress and anxiety in the workplace. Being aware of them is the first
and the most important step to solving your issues.

Even just minor adjustments in the workplace can improve overall productivity and output.
The main causes of workplace stress are:

Increasing/long hours.
Pressure of tight deadlines.
Low morale.
High sickness rate.
Changes within the organisation.
Possibility of redundancies.
Lack of communication.

Emotional signs of stress:

Increased anxiety from staff members (more frequent days off sick).

Increased anger, frustration and irritability around the workplace. Staff members
being involved in more ‘niggles’ that are building up that takes up valuable time to
sort through.

Sadness/despair/depression: Staff may be signed off long-term for depression after
not being able to cope with increased work-load, longer hours, more demanding
deadlines etc.

Fear over losing their job – staff may overcompensate by working longer hours out of
worrying they would be the first to be made redundant and appearing tired and worn
out while at work.

The bad news is, all of these stress factors can have a devastating impact on your business. If
your business is customer-facing, it will surely affect your customer service.

The good news is, there is a simple solution.

Be aware of these early warnings in your place of work.

If you spot them, now is the time to act.

What we suggest…

Workplace Counselling – how it helps employers and employees.

This should be your number one tool for relieving stress, anxiety and depression in the

It’s a win-win solution.

By offering a free, confidential safe space for your employees to speak to a trained
professional, you are signalling that you understand the mental health needs of your

Important note: Workplace counselling shouldn’t only be used for work issues. It can be a
a valuable resource for staff experiencing difficulties at home, as this is likely to have an
impact on their work performance.

By offering this service to your employees:

You will create a more positive, vibrant workplace due to your employees feeling
listened to and being able to verbalise their fears, worries and anxieties rather than
storing them up.

Trained therapists will help your employees with stress-relieving techniques so that
they will able to recognise the early warning signs and triggers before escalating into
long-term staff sickness.

Your employees will understand what their role is within the team by recognising
their own strengths and feeling more confident in being able to address weaknesses.

Productivity will increase and staff sickness will decrease for stress-related issues.

You will save money – by investing in your employee’s mental health, you will
reduce the amount you will have to pay for temporary staff.

Your staff will learn better-coping skills for stress and anxiety.

If your business is customer-facing, customer service will improve as your workforce
becomes happier and more confident therefore increasing sales and revenue.

What’s not to like?

Your staff will feel more relaxed, confident, less stressed, less anxious and more productive.

YES! I'm Ready To Help My Staff Be Happier And More Productive

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