About Adeola

I wonder what unresolved feelings you may have? Or if you think you are faulty or unworthy, and no one understands. I am passionate about what I do and I get it that some life experiences can leave you too hopeless to want to try for a better outcome. 

I offer a space to talk, giving you time out to reflect and to explore self-development in an environment that encourage your recovery from loss self, understand self, embrace desired goals and more. Meaning, you will find my approach friendly, empowering and conversational in style. I take great care in ensuring that you feel safe, respected, and valued. I offer flexibility of short-term or long-term therapy round what you hope to achieve.
Client Focussed


Adeola's Rates

In Person

£55.00 (Individual)
£65.00 (Couples)


£55.00 (Individual)
£65.00 (Couples)


£55.00 (Individual)
£65.00 (Couples)

Get to Know Adeola

Why did you choose to become a therapist?

I became a therapist because on encountering some of my personal life experiences, I learnt from my repeated soul searches to understand and accept that my passion for people is a leading for me to stand with others through their challenges with hope for a better future. I offer therapy as I have experienced that with the right environment and support the power to heal is within self.

Why do you think integrative therapy is the most effective form of therapy?

As one shoe cannot fit all, I believe integrative therapy allows me to distil several models, interventions and wisdom from life experiences into a framework as a way of tailoring my service to meet and support my client wherever they are at in their experience. It means I can adapt flexibly to what my client needs so that they can feel met wherever they are at in their journey. To stand and walk with each individual in a way to encourage them to engage with hope towards exploring their opportunities. I believe everyone deserves a chance to feeling at ease in themselves, being heard and valued without trying too hard to meet-up with expectations for being their true self.

How would you describe your therapy session & approach?

With each client's session and presenting problems, I offer my attentive and authentic self with curiosity to patiently understand what is going on with my client. Being trauma informed and experienced, culturally sensitive and aware of difference, I understand the impact of long term life stressful situations on general well-being. And I believe that traumatic experience(s) should not be a condemnation or a life sentence to living less. I work flexibly either on short-term or long-term basis and as needed. I offer an open and flexible approach enriched by my professional growth and developments, curiosity of psychological processes along with an extensive life and work experiences. So, I seek to create that necessary and unique environment for each of my client to feel safe and comfortable to express themselves, where nothing is too trivial to ignore. I work by forming an alliance with you to explore problems together with sensitivity to your individual pace. I consistently check-in to be sure we are keeping to your goals and/ or following the new developing needs, and where possible I facilitate change. I work with a person-centred and Psychodynamic approach while integrating other models like CBT, Relational process, REBT, and Systemic amongst others as needed and required to meet each presenting client's issues. Sometimes a person's strive and spiritual journey may become unproductive with a possible feeling of being stuck. It can express itself as repeated frustration and triggers that may either be unnoticed or avoided, just so that the individual is able to at least function in their day to day activities while shutting away unwanted thoughts. These experiences are sometime due to unresolved emotional aspect of our selves still suffering with unmet needs rooted in childhood. It is a pattern that underlie several illnesses and health issues. With these, I walk with you in a therapeutic relationship that offers deep insights into underlying patterns where possible, to help you make meaning of your present life experiences in a way to support you to have a resolution that works for you. I invite and encourage you to have an open mind and commitment to our work. That way you have a good chance to process and maximise new knowledge and/or growing awareness of yourself. Where it applies to you or you request for it, I can integrate my depth of knowledge and awareness including specialised training about the effects that issues relating to Christian faith and/or spirituality may have on a person, only if it relates to you and is appropriate for our work. I maintain confidentiality and work with an open approach to issues that are important to you. For couple's/family and systemic work, I generally use a Relationship model of Couple's Counselling as it enable greater depth to finding solutions. Here my approach is to meet both partners first in a joint session, and then have one individual sessions with each partner. We can then come back into and continue with the joint sessions. This allows me to have a clearer understanding of each persons dynamic, and how it impact the challenges that may have brought the couple/family into therapy. Where this is not feasible at the first session, we can all meet for the joint session from the beginning and discuss the focus/ goals for our working together. Availability: Some available slots are usually Video or phone as this allows for more flexibility. But these slots can be changed. If you could let me know and I can check if the in person can be available. Room booking: Meeting in person has a little higher fees (+£10) based on room availabilities.

What are your Top 3 professional achievements so far?

Success with clients who are now thriving from a place a Bulimia, childhood sexual violence and other issues. Seeing my clients now navigating their once difficult trigger points with learnt skills and emotional awareness to rely on internal resources from within for alternative choices of responses. I feel humbled when I see these developments and growth. Working with dysfunctional childhood experiences either as an individual or part of a couple relationship, to a stage of stability and now changing towards a more adaptable individual. Being anonymously nominated and wining the Prestige Leeds and West Yorkshire Counsellor of the year in 2020.