About Candy

Hi, I'm Candy, a qualified integrative counsellor based in London.
I am very interested in difference and diversity, the needs and goals of each of my clients are important to me and therefore, I offer a unique and tailored counselling service. 
Before embarking on a career in counselling, I worked in the fashion industry in Milan as both a designer and lecturer/tutor and later running my own retail business.
I understand what it feels like to be under pressure in an intensively demanding and challenging creative environment and how that can affect you.
I believe that changing your perspective often enables a passion for life to return and with it goals accomplished and aspirations realised.


Candy's Rates


£60.00 (Individual)

Get to Know Candy

Why did you choose to become a therapist?

I love to help people in my life to feel good and confident about themselves and voice themselves. In the same way, I am driven to help my clients find their lost passion and motivation by supporting them in exploring themselves.

Why do you think integrative therapy is the most effective form of therapy?

Integrative therapy is one of the most effective forms of therapy. It integrates different approaches and gives more tools to the therapist to use and tailor around their unique clients. I also have to say that I believe that the relationship with the therapist is generally more important than the approach they may use.

How would you describe your therapy session & approach?

The integrative approach (a combination of Person Centred and Psychodynamic theories) I employ puts the client at the centre of the therapy. The client is encouraged and gently guided to express their experiences in their own time and in their own way, leading to inner discovery. Emphasis is placed on giving time to reflect upon different aspects of the issues raised and identified, through the exploration of the past and importantly the connection between the past and the present.

What are your Top 3 professional achievements so far?

I love my job, and I don't see it in terms of achievements. I am happy to have contributed to an article on Women's Health magazine last year and to work with ALRA (Academy of Live & Recorded Arts) and staff since June 2020. I would say that the great daily achievement for me is seeing clients build their confidence and find their own voice.

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