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I have been in private practice working with people as a therapist, for over 12 years, which I find a real privilege. Hearing that people feel better, overcome or come to terms with their problems and make changes to them selves takes courage and commitment.
I can't recommend Diane enough. She is honest, patient and was a very grounding presence.

If you always do what you alway did!
you will always get what you always got!
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Diane's Rates


£60.00 (Individual)
£125.00 (Couples)


£60.00 (Individual)
£125.00 (Couples)

In Person

£60.00 (Individual)
£125.00 (Couples)

Get to Know Diane

Why did you choose to become a therapist?

My journey to becoming a therapist started with a search for my own potential. After completing the introduction to counselling I became hooked into the process of helping myself and others. I find it a real privilege to be able to work with and help people, especially when I hear how difficult people find it hard to speak and then watch the change people go through.

Why do you think integrative therapy is the most effective form of therapy?

Being an integrative therapist had broadened my skill set to help many different problems we can face throughout our lives. Having different tools gives me more ways to help people.

How would you describe your therapy session & approach?

If you always do what you always do! You always get what you always got! Make a change today. As a therapist, I have developed my skills to help many different issues that people struggle with. I work creatively adapting my training to make therapy an individual experience. I use many different tools to help you relay your experiences or feelings, like:- metaphors, shells & stones, or listen to you, and many more. I offer short term or long term therapy working from a designated therapy room from home

What are your Top 3 professional achievements so far?

Diploma integrative counselling. Critical incident worker - groups or individual full/half day. Level two adult teaching. Sleep assessment Couples counselling

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