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Do you feel overwhelmed and anxious? Struggling to process past, present or future journeys?

I can provide an online safe place to explore and walk though your journey with you. I am an Integrative Counsellor utilising different methods of theory to help you during this time allowing me to find the methods and tools to be present with you throughout our sessions and for you to continue using on your own.

I am passionate about helping others, and confident in being able to provide a listening and non-judgemental ear to build a strong therapeutic relationship in order for you to receive the service that you are looking for and need for growth, acceptance or whatever you need from our counselling sessions.



Gill's Rates


£30.00 (Individual)


£30.00 (Individual)

Get to Know Gill

Why did you choose to become a therapist?

I decided to become a therapist to help others. I have always wanted to help others and I have now found away to do this without rescuing them but instead equipping them with the tools they need to help themselves.

Why do you think integrative therapy is the most effective form of therapy?

I think integrative therapy is most effective counselling practice. As it allows the counsellor to have a large tool kit of strategies when working with clients, to be able to provide an individual service for each client based on their needs and the changes their journey may take them on.

How would you describe your therapy session & approach?

I am calm and friendly within sessions, I offer true core conditions throughout to ensure the client has support on their journey. I will go above and beyond for my clients. I will challenge clients to allow them to open up and explore for them to truly look at themselves and their core beliefs in a safe environment

What are your Top 3 professional achievements so far?

1) Helping people regain confidence in themselves after surviving cancer 2)Building strong counsellor/client therapeutic relationships 3)Recognising my own journey and being confident to share with others, if this enhances the therapeutic relationship

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