About Ingrid-Maria

I'm Ingrid-Maria and see clients in Harley Street, London on Saturdays for Psychotherapy and Rosen Method Bodywork sessions and work the rest of the week from my home practice in Dunstable, Bedfordshire.

My approach is body based; The body is where we reside, where our feelings, sensations and emotions arise. These inform us of what choices we can make and determines our relationship to ourselves, to others and the world around us; so to find a good balance of an integrated body-mind-soul as we move through life is important. I particularly enjoy exploring 'the shadow' - less conscious aspects of self and what life values sustain you. I can be your therapeutic companion for healing and self discovery.



Ingrid-Maria's Rates

In Person

£70.00 (Individual)


£70.00 (Individual)


£70.00 (Individual)

Get to Know Ingrid-Maria

Why did you choose to become a therapist?

Through my own struggles in life and my interest to be a conscious and loving human being (to the best of my ability). I so much appreciate developing a deep and respectful alliance with clients, to see how they grow and develop and witnessing the same in myself. A therapeutic relationship is a two way street, each person impacts and touches the other, and together both individuals develops an increased sense of self and awareness.

Why do you think integrative therapy is the most effective form of therapy?

Integration is the key; sound body-mind-soul awareness that can support through life in general but particularly when facing challenges. I also offer in person touch based therapy in Bedfordshire and London (Rosen Method) for those who would like to explore the body mind through touch, sensation and feelings.

How would you describe your therapy session & approach?

There are many outdated patterns of automatic behaviours, beliefs, thinking, feeling etc. I engage with clients for them to become aware of their own energy/power (and what might deplete it), which of course involves learning about and exploring their boundaries, values (what matters to the client), and developing emotional resilience. It really enjoyable to work on Zoom I have found; clients can be in their own environment and less travel time. It is possible to connect deeply through the video screen. I offer sessions on Zoom, and also in person meetings in Harley Street on Saturdays and other days in Dunstable, Bedfordshire.

What are your Top 3 professional achievements so far?

Working with clients that have suffered childhood sexual, emotional abuse and neglect, including CPSTD. I have dedicated much to my adult life learning about the body mind, and how to integrate body-mind-soul. I enjoy empowering clients and students, creating training and personal development structures that enables people to find enjoyment, energy, and love.