About Izabela

Psychotherapy may be a wonderful way of not only to help you with you struggles but also to increase your sense of freedom. 
As a therapist and other human being I believe in your strengths that I highly promote; being holistic, person- centred, addressing your issues on social, psychological, biological, physical, cultural and spiritual level is the most important part of this journey and it is my objective. 
Sessions focus not only on your problems, feelings, thoughts and developing skills but also on your body as it is a physical way of being in the world.
I provide counselling and psychotherapy in both languages: English and Polish,
Client Focussed


Izabela's Rates

In Person

£50.00 (Individual)


£50.00 (Individual)

Get to Know Izabela

Why did you choose to become a therapist?

I truly believe in freedom. Please ask for availability as it varies.

Why do you think integrative therapy is the most effective form of therapy?

The reason why I particularly integrate above approaches is an effectiveness. I have been always looking for rapid, gentle and permanent steps clients can take to overcome their issues.

How would you describe your therapy session & approach?

My approach is mainly based on Cognitive Behavioural Interventions, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Mindfulness as well as Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy. Sessions last between 60 to 90min (90 in some cases only).

What are your Top 3 professional achievements so far?

1. Educated in Poland, adapted and assimilated personally and professionally in Canada where my education as well as work has been continued, then back to Europe, Scotland where I keep up with my goals. Life is a journey and am the example of it. 2. Professionally challenged which made only me a stronger and more compassionate therapist. 3. Finding a supervisor who resonates with me on all possible levels. It makes my work efficient and successful.