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Hello, I'm Liz from Thinking Room - I offer time and space to rethink the way you think because you can't solve your problems with the same thinking that created them. 
I offer Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy sessions worldwide via various online platforms.
Or, a limited number of in-person therapy sessions. 
I work with employers who are looking to support their employees because they know it makes sense. This can be anything from a small number of sessions for one member of staff needing therapeutic support, critical incidence support, coaching and mentoring for managers managing practical day to staff issues like return to work after extended time away and wellbeing strategies.
I provide access to my online workshops, workbooks and courses through my learn and grow community.
I coach experienced executives and those newly promoted into management roles. 
I provide transitional coaching for people at one of life's crossroads. Empty nest, divorce, bereavement, new job, retirement, start up or starting again. I sometimes call this the "Is this It???" stage. And we all have them so you are not alone. Some of us navigate them better than others.
I specialise in helping people who feel stuck or lost at the moment. If something is holding you back or creating problems in your life. You know what they are, you've done your best to manage or ignore them but they just won't go away. I can help you overcome the blockages and get back on track. 
With almost 20 years experience as a Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner and Coach I offer a unique combination of therapeutic interventions all designed to target your individual needs. 
So, if any of these ring a bell and resonate with you and where you are at right now, get in touch and let's decide if I'm the best person for you to work with. Or, if you are curious about how I may be able to help you with something else that is causing you sleepless nights etc. give me a call or drop me an email. After all, it's a free session so what have you got to lose?



Liz's Rates


£80.00 (Individual)
£80.00 (Couples)


£80.00 (Individual)
£80.00 (Couples)

In Person

£80.00 (Individual)
£80.00 (Couples)

Get to Know Liz

Why did you choose to become a therapist?

I'm someone who tends to overthink things. I get in my own way. I always expect to be able to find my own solutions to everything. I was burning out trying to keep up and keep all the balls spinning at work and at home. I knew there had to be a solution and reading more and more books or going on more and more random courses just wasn't working for me. I found Cognitive Hypnotherapy and the penny dropped. I needed a bit of external support and someone who hadn't made up their mind how to fix me before the session even started. It was about me, not my so called problem. Perhaps other people needed the same opportunity? So I qualified and I've been learning with Quest and working with clients in all sorts of settings ever since. Why? Because it works.

Why do you think integrative therapy is the most effective form of therapy?

There are so many approaches to therapy, most of them are a bit like the Curate's Egg. Good in parts. And, we all work in different ways. I like the opportunity and flexibility to be able to take a technique or tool from one approach and combine it with one from a different approach if I think that is what you, the client, needs at that time. Everyone is unique so one approach is unlikely to work for everyone every time. It also keeps me fresh and motivates me to continue my own learning and growing journey.

How would you describe your therapy session & approach?

Each person is unique so I need to work with the client to find a unique solution to their problem or issue. In the first instance I ask lots of questions. Some of them might not make any sense to you, like, 'where in your body is that feeling.' Or, 'if you wake up in the morning and this problem has gone, how would you know?' I'm listening to what you say, and, what you don't say. Between us we work out what you want to achieve from our sessions and I'll help you get there in the quickest and most effective way for you. I have a set fee for everything I do as I bring all my expertise into any session whether it is a therapy or coaching. Sessions usually last one and a half hours. This gives us time to review and recalibrate as we go along. I do lots of preparation in-between sessions including putting together useful handouts or specific exercises I think you'll find useful. I want the work we do together to have long lasting effects and the potential is there to learn things you can carry into all areas of your life. It's the same principle as 'give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime'.

What are your Top 3 professional achievements so far?

1. Qualifying with and being part of The Quest Institute 2. Being a mentor and coach to other therapists 3. Working with charities, social enterprise and forward thinking businesses to create real change

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